How to Know If Your Password Has Leaked Online

by Cosmas

No matter how long, complex or strong your password is it’s still not secure. Even if it’s going to take 200 years to crack. To be sincere, anything that deploys on the internet isn’t safe.

Password security doesn’t only fall into the discretion of users that created them but also the server its been stored. To validate a user’s credentials entered on a website, the password must be stored on their database. If the server mishandles it or gets hacked, the user suffers for it.

Due to the password dumps on the internet which is seemingly increasing each day, which has been seen to be no fault of users but as a result of website being hacked.

Obviously, there’s nothing you can do to change the fate of databases susceptibilty to breaches which indicates that our data isn’t private, the next best solution is to monitor our passwords leaks on the internet.

In this article, let’s go over a couple of the best websites to help you monitor if your passwords have been leaked online.

Firefox Monitor

Firefox Monitor warns you if your email address has been exposed in an online data breach. See if your information has been exposed, learn how to better protect your online accounts, and get alerted if your email address appears in a new breach.

It is a an online service developed by Mozilla.

Have I Been Pwned

This is a service alot older than the Firefox Monitor. Pwn is pronounced like it’s spelled “pone”, a term people often used in internet culture—usually by gamers—to describe defeating someone in some way.

To use Have I Been Pwned, simply type in your email address and hit the pwned? Button


You’ll either be told that your passwords are safe  or you’ll get results of how many breached sites and pastes your passwords have been found on.


To stay updated with the breaches to your data it is best to sign up for an email notification for optimal follow-up.

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