Microsoft Enable Android App Streaming to Windows

by Teminijesu

Microsoft is now allowing Windows 10 user to stream Android apps on their PC. It is one of the new features available to Windows 10 insiders which is built on the monitoring that Your Phone app already provides. The feature allows you to access a list of verbs and launch them provided they are installed on your Android device. It runs in a separate window outside of the Your Phone app by streaming from your phone.

The possibility of running multiple Android apps side-by-side on your PC is a big part of this new feature. Sadly, Windows 10 users won’t have access to this feature till later this year expect for Samsung Galaxy note 20 users who already have it tested along their Windows 10 devices. However, Microsoft says it’s also working with Samsung on bringing this to other devices.

Microsoft warns that this feature is not expected to work seamlessly with all Android apps. It continue that some apps may block the ability to cast to other screen, causing a black screen. While some apps and games might also not respond to keyboard or mouse, summer play audio from your Android phone.


You need a supported Android phone if you’re interested in trying out the new feature of your phone app, a list of supported Samsung phones have been released. While all these devices are Samsung phones, Microsoft is working on bringing the feature to other Android devices.

Also, you must be on the windows insider testing program, the Release preview, to afford you the opportunity of trying out the feature before rolling out to the public without testing the full Windows 10 builds.

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