How to speed up your Android Phone and increase performance

by Teminijesu

Two of the most frequently asked questions by Android smartphone users are; How do I make my smartphone faster? And how to speed up my Android phone? It is every smartphone users’ dream that their phones continue to run and feel like it is new.

However, you can not always make your android phone run like the very first day you bought it. In fact, to achieve that you will need to reset your phone to factory mode frequently, removing all your app and app date in the process. This is not an option for many of us.

Meanwhile, there are methods and steps that you can take to make your device as fast and efficient as possible, increasing performance and speed, and battery life.

Optimize your Home Screen

Android phone with well optimize home screens

You can start optimizing your home screen by disabling live wallpapers and replacing it with a good static image. Also, you should remove all unused app icons or those used less frequently.

Consider limiting the widget on your home screen to the essentials because the less clustered your home screen, the better the performance of your android phone.

Uninstall and Disable unused apps

Unused apps take up space on your Android phone. If you consider giving your phone the new feel by increasing its speed and performance, unused apps will need to go.

However, some apps are not completely useless because they are used occasionally. You can simply freeze/disable apps that fall in this category.

Clear cached app date

Cached data helps your apps load more quickly, but it can build up over time to take considerable space. There are always cached data for apps you no longer use and those used occasionally that require clearing. Sometimes clearing cached data for an app can help increase your phone’s performance.

If you consider clearing cached date for your apps individually, head to Settings>apps (or apps and notification), see all app. Pick relevant apps and clear their cached data

Cached app data on Android Phone
Cached app data on Android Phone

You can also make use of third party apps like Ccleaner

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Wipe Cache Partition

The Cache partition is different and separate from your apps data cache and it contains only temporary files. This partition should be cleared once in while.

You have to boot your phone in to recovery mode to do it. There are different methods for different phones to enter recovery mode, you can make a quick google search for your device’s.


Once in recover mode, use the volume keys to navigate and the power key to select an option (wipe cache partition).

Choose a different launcher

Launchers are applications for customizing the interface of your android phone. Usually, the default launcher for your phone should be the best for its optimization, but it is not always the case.

After you are certain your launcher contributes to you phone’s lagging behavior, install Launchers like Nova Launcher, Go Launcher Ex or Apex Launcher from Play Store. These Launchers are designed with different phone capacities in mind and are well optimized for them.

Reduce or Turn off Android Phone’s Animation

Your Android phone will feel smarter and snapper by reducing or turning off some animations and effects. To do this, you need to enable Developer Options: Go to Setting>About phone, scroll down to system and look for the build number.

Tap the build number seven times to activate Developer Options and go back to system settings. In developer options, scroll down and note each of this options; window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. Tap on each of them and set the value to .5x or off. However, you can pick the different options to see what best suits your phone.

Android Developer Options
Android Developer Options

Factory Reset

Some people recommend that you factory reset you Android phone periodically. Of course, this is only advisable in extreme cases. Factory reset removes all apps, junks and cached data essentially making your device feel new.

to factory reset your Android phone, head to settings>Back up and Restore>Factory data reset.

Android phone reset screen
Android phone reset screen

Note: You are advised to backup your phone before resetting as this removes every data from your device.

For peculiar problems making your smartphone laggy, leave a comment below or contact Techzville through on the contact page.

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